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About us

Jaxx provides meal prep systems to prepare, pack and take fresh and nutritious meals with you, wherever you go. Eat for a better body today, and a longer life tomorrow.

What is meal prep? Meal prep is the bulk preparation and packaging of several future meals. For example, many serious meal prep routines involve cooking all food for the week on Sunday and portioning out meals into single servings. This process helps to keep you from overeating and allows you to consistently eat healthy, leading to a healthier life and reaching fitness goals.

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Our Story

“Our bodies are forces to be reckoned with.”

Jaxx is a complete solution that helps consumers get fit and stay fit for life. Our bodies are forces to be reckoned with; they are transformative, strong, resilient, and beautiful. They can crumble under stress and poor health, or prosper with care and nourishment.

To be fit is to be in good health. Nutrition affects fitness more than exercise. Jaxx’s initial focus is on meal prep, where we can have the greatest impact on fitness. We empower you with the tools to get stronger, leaner, better, and more capable, each day. Your body is more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale. Nourish it.

Eat whole nutrient-rich foods - unprocessed, unstripped. Workout hard to build strength and stamina. Stretch often to rejuvenate your body. Live long. Live fit.

Our Mission

“With Jaxx as your fitness partner, you’ll be reaching heights you thought were impossible.”

Fitness is much more fun with a partner, and we want to be yours. Fit is a lifestyle, but it isn’t always easy and it’s not always linear - we want to be there when you feel like you're slipping and when you're winning. Jaxx is more than meal prep - we’ll inspire, challenge, and educate you with tips, facts, exercises, and recipes to bring your fitness to the next level and keep your drive going. Like any good fitness partner, we’re here to push you to be more fit than you were yesterday.

With Jaxx as your fitness partner, you’ll be reaching heights you thought were impossible.

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